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Nicaragua Finca Idealista

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  • Producer: Benjamin Weiner
  • Farm: Finca Idealista
  • Process: Black Honey (Mango Honey)
  • Varietal: Pacas & Caturra
  • Taste Notes: Candied Mango and Juicy Pineapple


Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Pacas & Caturra
1,200 masl
Taste Notes
Candied Mango, Juicy Pineapple
Roast Profile


“Our honey processed coffees are grown next to the rainforest, which provides the coffee with the needed shade and a cool breeze.

Once we depulp the coffee, we begin the sun-drying process to help keep the mucilage and flavor intact. Much of the fruitness found in this coffee is due to its variety (Pacas and Cattura), the altitude grown at (1,200 MASL), the proximity to a private nature reserve, and ripe picking.

Lastly, our Q grader cups every day and often re-sample roasting to identify which lots are unique, fruit-forward, and hit the intended mango notes.”

Process Summary:

  1. Coffee is picked at peak ripeness
  2. The mucilage is left intact (layer below the pulp)
  3. The coffee is then sun-dried with mucilage intact then transferred to drying beds

Finally, Finca Idealista’s Q Grader cups every day and then segments out the coffee that hits on the intended mango notes. The process is an enormous amount of work that produces a tiny amount of coffee that can then be labeled as “Mango Process.”

The Process:

About the Producer

Our farm, Finca Idealista, sits next to a nature reserve, whose trees are a natural air conditioner for our paca, caturra, bourbon, pache, and a few pacamara beans. Our cool microclimate lengthens the coffee cherry maturity process, allowing beans more time to absorb natural sugars for a sweet, flavorful cup profile. In addition to washed coffee, we produce out-of-this-world naturals and honey process.

Our workers receive the highest wages around. Pickers select only the reddest cherries so the farm’s crop reaches its highest level of sweetness. Our living coffee museum provides high-cupping seed varieties to partner producers of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers.

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