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Tanzanian Peaberry

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Back in stock on: 12/15/21

Rich Chocolate, Grapefruit, Lime, Bold and Smooth



Taste Notes
Rich Chocolate, Grapefruit, Lime, Bold and Smooth
Roast Profile
Medium Roast Coffee
Bourbon, Kent, Arusha
100% Arabica Coffee (N39, KT423 (both are Bourbon derivatives)
1,400 - 2,000 masl

MICROLOT COFFEE: Our Single Origin Microlot Coffees are sourced from high-end limited-edition lots and are traceable down to an individual producer

ARABICA COFFEE: Our Single Origin Coffees are made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. Arabica Coffee has twice the flavor and a better aroma than its counterpart (Robusta).

FLAVOR FIRSTWe source all our coffee to achieve specific taste notes. Our Tanzanian Peaberry tastes of Rich Chocolate, Citric Acidity, with a Bold and Smooth body

ALWAYS FRESHThe coffee you’re enjoying right now, was only recently harvested from our favorite coffee farms. We also send Amazon small quantities to ensure maximum freshness.


Tanzania Peaberries are a naturally occurring mutation of the coffee seed that forms a single, small, rounder unit than the two “flat beans” that typically sit face-to-face inside a coffee cherry.

The smaller, denser peaberries are thought to have a higher potency of flavor, and “peaberry plus” is a higher grade than the more standard peaberry lot. They do tend to be slightly pricier on account of both their more limited quantity (since peaberries occur in a smaller percentage of coffee overall) and the labor involved in sorting them out.

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