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The Top 15 NFT Influencers on Twitter and YouTube

For those that are new to NFTs, it can be a confusing and intimidating world at first. Luckily, several pioneers in the space are leveraging Twitter to educate, motivate, and elevate the community.

We put together a list of the top NFT Twitter accounts that we find most useful for beginners to seasoned NFT veterans. These accounts represent influencers in the space as well as high-flying and innovative NFT projects.

Twitter also has a feature called “Spaces,” a hosted room where you can join in and listen or contribute to live audio conversations. Twitter Spaces are highly leveraged in the NFT community, and many of the Top NFT Twitter accounts are using Twitter Spaces to amplify their message.

Finally, we run a Twitter account around our project called Crypto Baristas. Crypto Baristas are 60 caffeine-loving characters whose ownership helps support the world’s first NFT funded café space in NYC. Owners of a Crypto Barista earn caffeinated perks for life like discounted coffee at all future café spaces and through our coffee roastery.

The Top 15 NFT Influencers

  1. ohhshinny
  2. cryptobaristas
  3. j1mmy.eth
  4. RealmissNFT
  5. DeezeFi
  6. farokh
  7. NFT.NYC
  8. nounsdao
  9. BoredApeYC
  10. Dikasso_
  11. Max Maher
  12. The Wall Street Journal
  13. GaryVee
  14. NFT Times
  15. Meet Dave


Ohhshiny is the enthusiastic and brilliant host behind the Ohhshiny Show. The Ohhshiny show brings together the latest and greatest from the edge of the metaverse by hosting a program on Twitter Spaces and inviting the best and brightest minds in the NFT space to speak.

Ohhshiny Tweets words of wisdom and motivation daily and is consistently looking to give voice to those who need it most in the space. One great example of furthering others is Ohhshiny’s “Community Office Hours” show every Friday at 11a ET. The Community Office Hours highlights projects and creators in the metaverse who are doing something unique but may need advice on how to progress their project. Ohhshiny and his team voice these new projects while thoughtfully advising them on their goal and mission.’


Crypto Baristas are the caffeine-loving characters brewing their way through the blockchain with one mission, open an NFT funded café space in NYC.

This fun and quick-evolving project launched on 11/2/21 and has already gained immense attention in the space. The supporters of the Crypto Baristas gain caffeinated perks for life and are the project for all coffee lovers out there.

Crypto Baristas are in their Season 1 release but plan additional seasons once their complete character set is released and sold. The Crypto Baristas’ future goals include opening other physical locations, potentially opening a roastery and education space in NYC, and possibly looking into purchasing a shared farm in Costa Rica.

Follow the Crypto Baristas journey and send them a big hello on Twitter!


J1mmy.eth is the visionary, founder/CEO of nft42. Jim previously founded Dito, an enterprise cloud solutions provider that is pioneering and advancing on-chain NFTs and the metaverse. J1mmy. eth’s feed displays up-and-coming projects, opinions, and inspirational quotes like “nfts have brought the imaginative nature of childhood back to an entire generation of adults. Magic is real again. Enjoy this time.”


RealMissNFT has been using her strong following count and her newly launched website to highlight the work of upcoming artists. Each week, and with the help of @BhushanVishwas, RealMissNFT will display the work and story behind two up-and-coming artists.

RealMissNFT also fuels the account @NFTs4Free, which posts NFT giveaways daily.

Our favorite quote from RealMissNFT is, “Life without NFTs is a scam.”


DeezeFi is an active member in the NFT space and director of “vibes” at @fractional_art and @neon_dao.

DeezeFi regularly holds enlightening Twitter Space discussions with topics such as NFT Pricing and Fractional Fridays.

DeezeFi is also a specialty coffee fan which is another reason we give his feed two thumbs up!


Farokh is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, community builder, degen, and self-proclaimed CryptoPunk, but most importantly, Farokh is the founder of Rug Radio on Twitter Spaces.

Farokh has had famed DJ Alesso on Rug Radio to talk about the Cosmic NFT drops moments before Alesso hopped on stage to do his thing. Farokh and Rug Radio also spoke live during the #NativelyDigital event with Sotheby’s on Twitter Spaces moments before it ended.

Farokh is a true inspiration in the space, followed by many in the community, and promotes upcoming artists and others in the space. Farokh’s Twitter is lively, filled with opinions, newsworthy information, and is just overall a fun account to follow.


Have you heard of NFT.NYC, maybe you were even a part of the event in November 2021? Well in any case, NFT.NYC is in its third year and is a conference dedicated to NFT devotees. They have been taking over spaces like Times Square in NYC.

Ragzy, an NFT artist and enthusiast, spoke about the NFT.NYC conference by saying, “It’s just all worlds coming together — arts, technology — and we’re celebrating this beautiful time of this booming industry.”

NFT.NYC features tons of great content on its Twitter feed and is more than just a conference. NFT.NYC should be on the top of any NFT enthusiasts list as they are constantly bringing together the community for debates and discussions and feature the top minds in blockchain tech.


Follow along on one of the most innovative and exciting projects in the space, and shockingly it is one of the least spoken about.

The Nouns project is hyper-focused on community, governance, and their treasury (Nouns DAO). The Nouns project is unique because 100% of the funds raised through selling their NFTs go into a decentralized autonomous organization/fund that the holders control.

The project owners take no profit from the sale of each character but only gift themselves a character after several releases have sold.

Consider following this project on Twitter; though most will be priced out of participating, it will be genuinely fascinating watching how this project unfolds.


If you haven’t heard of Bored Ape Yacht Club, this is the most spoken-about NFT project of 2021. Bored Ape Yacht Club has grown beyond just a generative art project; it has pulled in the likes of famed producer Timbaland and even celebrities like Jimmy Fallon jumping aboard.

Bored Ape Yacht Club is massive, but they have done over 1 billion dollars in volume since they began in April of 2021. If that is not the fastest-growing project/company of all time, we do not know what is!

Watch the meteoric rise of Bored Ape Yacht Club by following along on their Twitter.


Last but certainly not least for our Twitter entries is VR/Digital artist and a Pro NFT collector, Diakasso, undoubtedly worth the follow!

We found out about Dikasso through the top buyer’s section on Rarible. Since we started our NFT journey, Dikasso has been one of the top NFT buyers on Rarible, if not the top NFT buyer on Rarible, almost always. Dikasso does not self-proclaim as a Pro NFT collect; it is true.

Beyond collecting, Dikasso is regularly sharing projects of interest of hosting giveaways for all that follows.

Max Maher

Max has one of the strongest followings on YouTube in the NFT space, currently with over 570k subscribers.

While Max doesn’t solely focus on Cryptocurrency and NFT’s, it is a very strong topic on his channel. His most popular videos include; How to Buy and Sell NFTs for a Profit (1.7M Views) and Make Your First $1000 in Crypto (Complete Crypto Beginner Guide) (475k Views).

We find Max’s content to be very well researched and he delivers it in a way that is easy to grasp for a beginner. We are excited to see how Max’s channel continues to shift more toward Cryptocurrency and NFTs as he seems passionate about the topic.

The Wall Street Journal

There is no introduction needed for The Wall Street Journal but their coverage of Cryptocurrencies, the MetaVerse, Web3, and NFTs is both informative and refreshing.

The Wall Street Journal covers topics around altcoins, like Cardano, how Elon Musk has control over the Cryptocurrency market and trapped in the MetaVerse: here’s what 24 hours in VR feels like.

The Wall Street Journal was founded in July of 1889 and has been a reliable and trusted source on all things business, finance, economics, and money. It is impressive to see The Wall Street Journal tackle some of these topics for both amateur and novice cryptocurrency and NFT investors.


Gary Vee is another source that may need no introduction but here we go. Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and Internet personality, who has found himself at the forefront of all things NFT’s. Gary has been able to push the limits of defining what an NFT is and can be through his VeeFriends project.

Outside of launching projects within the MetaVerse, Gary Vaynerchuck is consistently educating all those who will listen on NFTs on his Twitter, YouTube account, and everywhere else in between.

Follow Gary’s YouTube where he recently spoke to Mark Zuckerberg around Web3 and the MetaVerse, or catch up on his keynote speeches from his NFT.NYC appearance.

NFT Times

The NFT Times is a great resource for those just getting started in the space. You can expect topics like “How to PROMOTE & SELL NFT ART using Twitter” and “The #1 reason you can’t sell your NFTs.” What is excellent about the NFT Times is that they are focused solely on NFTs. While other channels may diverge slightly, you can expect the NFT Times to stay true to their name!

Meet Dave

Dave is extremely active in the space posting 2-3 videos a week covering cryptocurrency, MetaVerse, web3, NFTs, and marketplaces.

Some of Dave’s most viewed content is around his informative OpenSea tutorials and how to make easy and free GIF art.


NFTs, Web3, MetaVerse, and Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and these 15 influencers are laying the foundation in the space. Many believe that NFTs are just your entry ticket into the MetaVerse, as many of the creators see it going beyond just simple artwork. Follow along with any of the above Twitter or YouTube influencers to stay informed on this fast-moving space.

A few other well-informed and must-follow influencers include; ChimpZoo (great follow if you are into CryptoCurrency markets), Pranksy (an investor and collector of NFTs), and Jess (host of Crypto and Coffee).

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