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Single Origins

Taste notes: Candied Mango and Juicy Pineapple

Description: "Our farm, Finca Idealista, sits next to a nature reserve, whose trees are a natural air conditioner for our paca, caturra, bourbon, pache, and a few pacamara beans. Our cool microclimate lengthens the coffee cherry maturity process, allowing beans more time to absorb natural sugars for a sweet, flavorful cup profile. In addition to washed coffee, we produce out-of-this-world naturals and honey process.”.

Nicaragua Finca Idealista


Producer Series

Taste notes: Apple, Black Cherry, Lemon

2021 Cup of Excellence Winner: Rank #8

2021 Producer: Asefa Dukamo

Cupping Score: 88.57

Varietal: 74158

Asefa Dukamo (Cup of Excellence 2021)


This Is What Makes Our Coffee Great

Coffee plant icon with cherries

Always Fresh: The coffee you're enjoying right now, was only recently harvested from our favorite coffee farms!

Green coffee burlap sack

GrainPro: Unlike traditional burlap, GrainPro ensures our coffee survives the journey from coffee farm to our roastery.

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Flavor First: While others hide their quality by charring or over roasting, we lovingly roast all our coffee a touch lighter.

Coffee package delivery

Sent to Amazon in Small Batches: We send Amazon small batches each week, so they have the freshest coffee in their warehouse.

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Who we are

Location: Queens, NY

About: Full spectrum coffee roasters who transcend all taste horizons through their signature light, medium, and dark roast profiles. You can expect a complex display of offerings from the fragrant and aromatic roast to the bold and rich.

Created by brothers Dan and Nick Hunnewell in 2019 with the ongoing goal of offering incredible coffees all while giving back to the coffee growing communities. This is achieved by thoughtful green coffee and non-profit partnerships to help create a more sustainable industry.

Though we are a young company with lofty goals, we promise to continue down the path of coffee excellence while positively affecting all those in the supply chain.

Giving Back: We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that we partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every 5 bags of coffee sold!

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